Marketing Specialist


Natilus Inc. is a startup seeking qualified BBA and MBA students to work part time in helping drive business development, marketing, and PR of large cargo carrying UAV’s. Natilus designs, manufactures, and tests large scale commercial drones. Natilus is a venture backed startup aiming to reduce the cost of shipping cargo worldwide; the company’s technology has been hailed as the “5th mode of transportation” by Forbes Magazine. 

The qualified candidate will work alongside the CEO of Natilus in helping drive brand awareness, and customer acquisition. The candidate may also accompany the CEO at various customer meetings and PR events.


Required Qualifications:

•            Generating unique ideas for campaign and event promotion

•           Crafting and shaping press releases to drive PR coverage

•            Creating engaging presentations that expand interest in the company

•            Assisting in content development, advertising, and events planning

•            Actively managing and tracking media relations and awareness


Desired Qualifications:

•           Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

•            Keyshot

•           HTML/CSS and other website  development tools

•           Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


NATILUS is the next generation air cargo carrier with organically designed, built, and serviced large capacity long distance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The production model of NATILUS drone is designed around a 200,000 lbs payload with a range of over 6500 miles, equivalent to a non-stop flight from the Asian Eastern Seaboard to North America.


Amphibious, and about the size of a Boeing 747, the NATILUS drone flies over unoccupied air space and does not utilize existing airport runways for take-off and landing. By taking-off and landing on water, the drone effectively by-passes the classification of an aircraft and thus eliminates the need to be certified or regulated by the FAA, an otherwise costly and time consuming process.


Qualified candidates will receive responses in a matter of days to begin the interview process.



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