Autopilot Development Engineer


Natilus is seeking a Flight Controls Engineer to join our Controls Group. We design, analyze and implement control algorithms for unconventional manned and unmanned air vehicles. Our group is involved in physical modeling, controls and estimation, control law development with test pilots in simulated environments, software development, flight testing of small scale unmanned airplanes, supporting manned flight testing … and whatever else is needed to make things fly.


Required Qualifications:

• B.S. or M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science with at least 3 years of experience

    • Knowledge of control and estimation theory

    • Practical experience with design and implementation of control systems

    • Strong physical modeling, linear algebra, and calculus background


Desired Qualifications:

    • Good grasp of aerodynamics and aircraft flight dynamics

    • Experience with robotics and embedded systems

    • Experience with sensors: accels, gyros, GPS, pressure transducers, vision, lidar, radar, ultrasound … etc

    • Experience with manned aircrafts

    • Familiarity with aircraft handling qualities

    • Familiarity with Unix environment


NATILUS is the next generation air cargo carrier with organically designed, built, and serviced large capacity long distance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The production model of NATILUS drone is designed around a 200,000 lbs payload with a range of over 6500 miles, equivalent to a non-stop flight from the Asian Eastern Seaboard to North America. 



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