Despite the average age of one of our engineers being 29 - the team has been exposed to an incredible number of aircraft programs - from low speed, to transonic and finally supersonic aircraft.  We have played with electric airplanes, turbojets, turbofans and combustions engines in almost any imaginable aircraft configuration. 

The team has taken 200 lbs drones supersonic (accidentally) and worked on 850,000 lbs aircraft in retrofit configurations. 

We have close ties in both military and FAA; we have certified aircraft and understand what it takes to deploy one in a military environment.


Aleksey Matyushev / CEO and Engineering

Was appointed the youngest lead Aerodynamicist at Piper Aircraft in it’s 90 yr history at the age of 22.  He has led Skunk Works style departments in turning F-22 Raptor 150MM strike fighters into 10MM drones and worked as a consultant for the last 4 yrs. 

LZ Zhang / Biz Dev and Autopilot

Built an enterprise Software As A Service (SAS) platform in social media marketing as founding CTO/COO and bootstrapped the operation into a six figure revenue startup. 

Anatoly Starikov / Engineering and Manufacturing

Excels at innovative mechanism design and prototyping for which he holds two patents. He is a pilot and builder; he is currently assembling a Zenith CH701 aircraft in our warehouse.